Distilled for you. The ethically minded.
Intrepid whisky appreciator. Locals and tourists.
Consume in good company.

influenced by american moonshine
recipes, our small-batch corn
whisky is made in a hybrid reflux
still with organic, bc ingredients
no additives and non chill filtered.

If we were grain worshippers we would be endlessly devout to corn. It helps us create sweet, clear whisky. Replace your other clear spirits with it and your friends might return your texts more often. Hints of grass, pineapple, and bubblegum.

To our knowledge this is the only cinnamon whisky out there that does not contain antifreeze. Just let that sink in. Imagine an onslaught of spice taking hold of your favourite corn whisky. Sip it, or mix it with anything.

What happens when you cross corn whisky with wild rose petals? If you guessed floral, chocolate sweetness you would be correct. This liqueur has converted more self-professed “non-whisky drinkers” than we have time to shake a stick at.

This 2 year corn whisky is coming soon. Email us to get involved in our barrell club.


ode to corn (the holy grain)

Oh great shape-shifter,
grown from the land, shrunken in a tin.
Your tenacity our nutrient underpin.
Schucked and husked for 9,000 years.
A scarecrow poised to save your ears.
Flint, dent, pod pop, flour and sweet.
More of you cultivated than rice or wheat.
May we retain your kernels in square
fabric sacks and hurl them into
corn-hole racks.
Oh great shape-shifter,
movie theatre comrade, propeller of cars.
Your contribution to bread, chowder,
and tortillas deserve our applause.
Your mazes, amaze.
But whence you rush my whisky glass.
A kindred spirit unites us at last.


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